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Ilus+úo 100x100 cm  Acr+¡lico sobre tela  Ano 2005_edited_edited.jpg

José Ferreira de Carvalho  (Ferreira): Painter, ceramist and stained glass artist, born on August 30, 1949, Recife, Pernambuco. Son of Manuel Ferreira da Silva and Ana Augusta de Carvalho. 

A man with many friends, Ferreira, as he is known, was once a football player. He began painting at the request of his father, who, being ill, and seeing his son dedicate much of his life to him, advised Ferreira to buy a canvas and paint. Ferreira accepted his father's request and became a visual artist who explores several languages. 

Self-taught, he began his first drawings in 1964. He attended the Recife School of Arts, Atelier Livre and the School of Fine Arts at the University of Pernambuco. In November 2022, José Ferreira de Carvalho joined the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Arts, History and Literature, assuming chair no. 31 with the privilege of being patronized by Ademir Martins. 

The artist, who has lived and exhibited in France, now maintains a studio in the Campo Grande neighborhood, where he lives with his wife Flora Lima. The space holds a rich collection of canvases, panels, ceramic and iron sculptures, ceramic tableware, shirts and sandals. 

Among dozens of exhibitions, his work has toured cities such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Brasília, João Pessoa, Maceió, Fortaleza, Recife and Olinda; in addition to other countries, such as France and Portugal. 

Main solo exhibitions: 1973 | L’ Atelier Galeria - Recife-PE; 1974 | Studius Galeria - Rio de Janeiro, RJ; 1976 | Nega Fulô Gallery - Recife. FOOT; 1977 | Eucatexpo - Rio de Janeiro, RJ; 1978 | Galeria Oficina – Recife, PE Paço das Artes – São Paulo, SP; 1979 | Batik Galeria - João Pessoa, PB; Futuro 25 - Recife, PE; 1980 | Artimagem - Recife, PE; 1981 | Gamela Galeria - João Pessoa, PB; 1982 | Katiya Galeria - Salvador BA; 1984 | Duallibe Galeria - Fortaleza, CE; 1985 | Lautréamont Galeria - Olinda, PE; 1985 | Performance Art Gallery – Brasília, DF, 1987 | Concorde Art Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, RJ 1988 | Lautréamont Galeria«Recife. FOOT; 1989 | Gamela Gallery - João Pessoa. PB; 1989 | Arteofício Galeria – Recife, PB; 1991 | Galeria Belo - Braga, Portugal1; 1993 | Artspace Art Gallery - Recife, PE; 1999 | Rodrigues Art Gallery – Recife, PE; 2000 | M.I.S.A. - Alagoas, AL; 2004 | Segundo Jardim – Recife, PE; 2006 | State Museum - PE; 2008 | Espaço Ferreira - Recife-PE 2018 / Museum of the State of Pernambuco - Recife-PE / 50 Years of Ferreira Art - Galeria Janete Costa - Recife-PE; 2022.

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